Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow in Texas

We had a record breaking snow fall on Thursday. We had over 10 inches of snow in one day. Someplaces in our yard were as deep as 18 inches. The newsreporter on Thursday night said the biggest problem on Friday morning would people actually getting out of their own driveway. We have video!!! Cristin missed all her siblings as she romped around in the snow with just the dog.

I am new at this family blog thing. I hope to give you a blow by blow of our upcoming move. Tomorrow the realitor comes to take pictures of our house for the world wide web. Also the movers are coming to access how much junk we have to move. I have been boxing up stuff to declutter our home. It has actually been rather cathartic. John starts work on March 1st with a trip to Mercer Island in Washington state to meet the corporate people and then starts officially on his new job on his birthday March 4th.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Greetings from the Blankenboat Bunch. Here you will view the comings and goings of John, Julie, Cristin and extended family. Somehow this branch of the Blankenship family got the lion's share of Gypsy blood. We are the constant wanderers. We are currently going through another move. John's plant closed down on the 22nd December and we will start our new job in Oklahoma City on March 1st. We have had an amazing experience once again.