Friday, September 28, 2012

Cousin Reunion

August 15th
While I was visiting Ryan and family I got to have a little dinner date with my Morrell cousins. Faith Ann, Laura and Will are all living in the Denver area. It was so much fun to get caught up with them and see their growing families and catch up with Ann's professional and triathlon career.

To the Zooooooo, how about you?

August 15th
Cristin and I took Jacob and Addison to the Denver Zoo.
We took the double stroller and the kids did great.
Then Jacob decided he wanted to get out and walk around. I thought since they had been so good so far that this was a great idea. Well when Jacob got out of the stroller then Addison wanted out too. No problem until we realized that Addison didn't want to walk around she just wanted to stand there. Her little stubborn streak showing through. Cristin and Jacob wandered off and I stayed with Addison. I watched the Mountain Goat and Addison cleaned the park bench. Then when she was ready she climbed into the stroller and away we went.

When Addison saw the Carousel I had to keep her from crawling right over the fence she wanted to ride so bad and I have never seen a greater look of disappointment when the ride was over.
We had a picnic lunch on the grass.

It was so much fun and everybody was tired by the time we got through.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Maisy Virginia Blankenship

Born August 4th, 2012
6 lbs 3 oz
19 inches
She is only six days old in this picture. Such an angel.

Welcoming a new Granddaughter

It's sometimes hard to figure out where you belong when there are big changes in your world. A new baby sister is a huge change for a 21 month old. So Addison decided she was done with wearing diapers. Not that she wanted to potty train she just refused to wear the diaper anymore or anything else. Yes, there is nudity in this story. She is strong willed and single minded. The remedy was a compromise. She wore the diaper but  with Jacob's underwear over the top of it.

And this is why we made the trip. Mother and daughter are absolutely beautiful.

It Happened Like This

August 10th
I bought the cutest little red Nikon camera. One that would just slip in my pocket and I could carry with me every where. Too many fun and amazing things happening in August not to get great photos. So we have enjoyed the Reunion and a visit with Katie now we are on the road to Denver through the Rocky Mountains. One breathtaking vista after another.
I stopped at this gas station for a potty break. Only one bathroom. A young man comes out of the bathroom and as I enter I see that I will have to put the seat down. I reached up to lower the seat. My watch catches on the camera strap hanging out of my pants pocket and splash the camera lands in the toilet bowl.

Unbelievably beautiful vistas in every direction. I am so heart sick at this point because I have a brand new grand-baby in Denver waiting for multiple photo ops.

Miracle of miracles. The camera completely cleared up after about two days. Such a tender mercy.

Road Trip

August 7th-9th
Final Days at Katie's.
Again we got to drive through the most beautiful landscape. Cedar Canyon which had snow on the road when we drove through to get to the Reunion now was clear and gorgeous. The view driving through the reservations of southern Utah and New Mexico changed over every hill and through every pass.
I have developed some anxieties in my old age and as a result I am not the best passenger in a car. So my sweet daughters allowed me to be behind the wheel of the car the whole trip. 

Did a little dress shopping so I would have something cute to wear at all the wedding events. 

We celebrated Emily's 2nd birthday. That girl loved the stroller G-Ju gave her. It's so much fun to see a two-year-old get so tickled about something. 

Then a tearful farewell and off we went in our rented car. Next stop Denver. Katie let me take her GPS and I can't thank her enough.