Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Capener Reunion (Talent Night)

Monday, August 6th 2012
Again who knew?
Jeremiah once again wowed us with Pork Carnitas, cabbage salad and pico de guyo (I think that was Kaila and Trevor's concoction). I must say we really ate like kings during this whole reunion.

Then we gathered for a little talent night which turned into rip roaring fun.
Audrey and Connie with a lovely duet.

Then boa dancing with all the great grand kids. Aja was the ring leader.

Some trombone music by Brian.

Emily did not like Valerie crawling up in her G-Ju's lap.

I have several videos of the philipino stick dance and Aja's beautiful modern dance. (But they are too large to post here). Calvin sang and played the guitar, he channeled John Mayer. Sarah acted out the cutest little poem and Cindy sang an absolutely gorgeous solo. It was very moving.

I must say we have a pretty amazing family. Everyone is multi talented and there was no drama. I love you all so much and am grateful to be eternally connected to you all.

Brian cooked our fairwell breakfast Tuesday morning. He had talked cold cereal and then had wonderful scrambled eggs and sausage links to go with it.
Thanks a Million to everyone.
Especially you, Chyrrel, for footing the bill. You did good, Mom!!!

Capener Reunion (Hiking and Harper Lee)

Monday, August 6th, 2012
Brad and Robin cooked us up some amazing Eggs Benedict and mixed berry salad for Breakfast. Then the Kohler Klan loaded up and took their poor sick ones home. Alysia and Melissa both were feeling pretty peek-ed. We were glad to see as much of them as we did.

A large contingent drove further up the canyon to hike over to see a waterfall and came back to sub sandwiches, chips and watermelon for lunch. Thanks so much to Vera and Clint for helping me.

Then Mom, Cristin, Allen, Connie, Cindy, Sarah and I went to see the play, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.
These are the actors who played Scout as a young girl and as the narrator. It was wonderful!!!

Disney cartoons the perfect babysitter for a few minutes of quiet time.

Capener Reunion (Sing-a-long)

Sunday, August 5th, 2012
Brad cooked an amazing lunch of chicken fajitas and then we met in the pavillion where Barbara gave us a brief history of the Capeners and their immigration from England.
Then came my favorite part of any Capener Sisters' gathering...the singing.

I had a darling video of us singing but it was apparently to long to fit.

The Blankenship bunch cooked Chicken Fetticini , green beans, garlic bread and raspberry jello salad for dinner. Since it was Vera's birthday (The big 6-0) we had pies for desert. (Thanks Barb)

These kids were actually sitting in the dark when I took this picture playing with finger lights and glow sticks. We had 18 great grand children under the age of 7.

We jigsaw puzzled into the wee hours of the night.

Capener Reunion (Day Two)

Sunday, August 5th. 
Who knew?
 Jeremiah rustled up some delicious grub for our first breakfast.
Eggs, sausage, butterscotch oatmeal and cantalope. The secret to the oatmeal was to scorch the bottom and it gives the oatmeal a gentle smokey taste. It was soooooo goood!

We had a surprise visit from a flock of sheep during breakfast. We were looking for Shawn but I for one didn't see him.

We were all sporting our Reunion Tshirts and sailor hats. Brian gave a wonderful tribute to Gramps and his Naval career to kick off the day.

We even had a little time for Sunday naps.
Nana is playing match the baby picture with the adult. Most of the pictures came from Facebook.

 Kayla was not the only one who snuck in a little work with all the fun going on around her.

Capener Reunion (Fun in the Park)

Water and sand. What better combination could there be for fun!

Capener Family Reunion (Spot the Scott)

Saturday, August 4th. First day of the Capener Family Reunion. We begin with a game called "Spot the Scott".

This is Scott!

We met at a park in Cedar City. Connie made a delicious dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans and watermelon.
We celebrated two birthdays, Allen Merrell and Maisy Virginia Blankenship. Maisy couldn't come because it was literally her birth day.