Friday, November 30, 2012

My week with Missionaries

A couple of weeks ago we had the missionaries in our home for dinner. Elder Grabinger was on splits with Elder Taggart. It is always wonderful to have the missionaries in our home. They are amazing missionaries.
Then the day before transfers I met with Elder Christensen, Elder Brown, Elder Friedman and Elder Pectol for lunch at Red Robin Restaurant.,  It was Elder Christensen's birthday.

Then Sister Holman and Sister Holsclaw showed up to meet the Elders for P-Day activities.

They are all such amazing young people. They are doing a wonderful job of representing the Lord out here in Tennessee. Their parents should be very proud of them!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bishop's Storehouse

October 24th
Our ward had an assignment at the Bishop's storehouse. You see here the YW President, Elder's Quorum President, Primary President and Relief Society President.
This is the closest I have ever lived to the Bishop's storehouse and cannery. I only takes about 25 minutes to get there.
What an absolutely fun morning of service.

Sister Visit

October 17-21
Barbara flew out and we got to play. Of course we made the rounds of the local Antique shops and then we went to the Appalachian History Museum.

This is a little Scottish calf someone donated. 

There were live musicians singing Blue Grass.
I tried to download the video of my mom dancing along with the musicians but it was too long. I'll add it to the Reunion CDs.

Here is our teacher Barb in an old 19th century school house.

Beautiful Norris Dam with all the fall colors.

Dollywood is a must and then we went to the Comedy Barn for an evening show and laughed our heads off.

Thanks so much to my mom for making these visits possible and dropping everything to come out and help me. I dearly love my family and am grateful to have such wonderful sisters. Tennessee doesn't seem so far away now that some of you have come to see where I live. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I killed Bambi's mother

October 9th, 2012
On the way back from Nashville Bambi's mother stepped out in front of my van. Dark night, interstate, 70 miles an hour the poor thing didn't stand a chance. My mom and I were both unhurt but very shook up.
You can see her head print on my hood.

I don't think you can see it but there are back hoof marks on the side of the door. It was driveable which was nice. The Tennessee Highway Patrolman was very nice. The body shop thinks they can fix it. 

Kohler's Visit

October 3rd, 2012
Picked Robin and Brad up at the airport in Nashville.
Only a quick hop over to the Gaylord Hotel (Grand Ole Opryland Hotel)
It's absolutely huge and gorgeous

Beautiful gardens, shops and lots of places to eat.

Thursday we Antique shopped and visited Norris Dam

Robin was fascinated by Kudzu. From Brad we learned that there is a Kudzu beetle. (They were every where. They even ended up in my car.)

Dinner at a Chinese Restaurant.

Trolley ride to Dollywood.

Dolly's bus.

Lots of entertainment.

Tour of Carlisle

Monday we went to Gatlinburg in the Smokey Mountains

Planning for the next visit.

House of Wonders in Pigeon Forge