Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daniel's Homecoming

We made signs for the big moment. We walked into the airport two minutes before he walked through the doors. We cut it very close.

Cristin spotted him first and suddenly there he was coming through the door.
Is this a classic movie moment or what? It was so good to see him and that brilliant smile.

Dallin was keeping it real. He is holding the phone with Ryan on the other end of the line not missing a moment of the excitement. Ryan took his dental boards yesterday and today. :)

The big family reunion. The bishop was there and nice enough to take this pict.
Almost all my kids were here today. I love cell phones cause Ryan got to be here through modern technology.
The kids decided to introduce Daniel to some of the things he had missed while he was gone. They are watching the youtube video, 'you are really dumb'. I can't remember the name of it. But admit it you know what I'm talking about. We also used skype to talk to Ryan and fam once we got home. President Johnson came by to release Daniel about 5:30pm it was a very sweet and tearful experience. We are going to eat him up the few days we have him.

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