Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Capener Reunion (Talent Night)

Monday, August 6th 2012
Again who knew?
Jeremiah once again wowed us with Pork Carnitas, cabbage salad and pico de guyo (I think that was Kaila and Trevor's concoction). I must say we really ate like kings during this whole reunion.

Then we gathered for a little talent night which turned into rip roaring fun.
Audrey and Connie with a lovely duet.

Then boa dancing with all the great grand kids. Aja was the ring leader.

Some trombone music by Brian.

Emily did not like Valerie crawling up in her G-Ju's lap.

I have several videos of the philipino stick dance and Aja's beautiful modern dance. (But they are too large to post here). Calvin sang and played the guitar, he channeled John Mayer. Sarah acted out the cutest little poem and Cindy sang an absolutely gorgeous solo. It was very moving.

I must say we have a pretty amazing family. Everyone is multi talented and there was no drama. I love you all so much and am grateful to be eternally connected to you all.

Brian cooked our fairwell breakfast Tuesday morning. He had talked cold cereal and then had wonderful scrambled eggs and sausage links to go with it.
Thanks a Million to everyone.
Especially you, Chyrrel, for footing the bill. You did good, Mom!!!

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