Friday, September 6, 2013

Called to Serve

Cristin got her mission call to the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. She is in the MTC until Sep 11 and then I guess they shuttle them up to the mission home.
This was her interview with the Stake President. Of course she had an interview with her Bishop too and it was her Dad. The Stake President, Pres. Cruze let Cristin push the button that sent her application to Salt Lake.

 Here is the Day she got her call. We were waiting for John to come home for lunch. She did alot of pacing around the house and picking at the the envelope before he got there.
We were all a little shocked that she got called to the Utah Salt Lake City Mission. But my how the idea of it has grown on us.

Cristin has had the chance to spend a lot of time with the Sister Missionaries in our ward this summer. This is Sister Liebing and Sister Schwab. Sister Schwab's family actually live in Cristin's mission boundaries and her mom and I have become Facebook friends. She is going to get a welcome to Utah package to Cristin once she has an address in Salt Lake.
These Sister's consider themselves Cristin's first companions.

Cristin was set apart the night before and then in the wee hours of the morning John dropped us off at the airport and said his goodbyes.

Got to see Ryan's new practice. We are all very impressed and the ladies that work for him all pulled me aside to tell me what a wonderful young man he is and how much they love working for him.

Kicking up her heels with Dallin.

So we pulled up to the MTC gate and they asked us, "Elder or Sister". Then they put a pink sticky note on our windshield. The curb is lined with Elders and Sisters with name tags and tags that say HOST on them. The curb is also lined with signs with numbers on them. Some Elders in safety vests direct you to the next available space. A sweet Sister was there to take Cristin to where she need to go and an Elder unloaded her luggage from the trunk. We hugged and flashed some pictures and we were on our way leaving our Brand New Missionary is excellent hands.

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