Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road tripping up to Idaho

August 17 & 18
We left Ryan and Tammy's in our rented car. Another glorious drive through Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. We were behind these people at the drive through.
These trips would not have gone as smooth if not for Katie's GPS. It was so much fun because it took us through downtown Fort Collins, Colorado where I started life and lived until I was eight. It also drove us past the Red Feather Boy Scout Camp where our family used to camp and where we got our beagle, Red Feather.

The Grand Tetons

Jackson Hole. There were people paragliding off the mountains.

We met Daniel in Rexburg. Ate pizza by the temple and then took a late night tour of the BYUI campus.

We all got our wedding haircuts

The beautiful gardens on campus.
Then we followed Daniel down to Saratoga Springs, Utah and the Mayfield's home. That's Melanie's mom and stepdad.

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