Monday, January 21, 2013

Scene of the Crime

January 15th 2013
You need to picture this as a very rainy day. If fact it has been raining for days and days. It's early morning and I thought my dog needed a little walk for his constitution. I had seen him use this area of the yard before so off we trotted. When I got to the far side of the bridge there were decomposing leaves on the wet wood and with that small decline it was a recipe for disaster. My feet went flying and I landed thump on the bridge. I lay there on my back with cars whizzing by me on the road above the yard sure they could not see me because of the trees. Knowing my phone was upstairs by my bed and after a good talking too I got myself turned over and on my hands and knees. Then with less grace than an albatross landing I struggled to my feet. Tears and pep talks got into the house and up the stairs.
Of course there is proverbial mental battle of  "is this bad enough to head to the hospital". With thoughts of" maybe if we wait awhile this shooting searing pain will not be so bad".
John came home from work and I miraculously dressed myself.
The results at the hospital was a compression fracture of the t12 vertebrae. Not severe enough for a brace or surgery (just 25% loss of height of the bone) but a broken bone never the less.

Crocodile tears were shed when I knew I would not be going out to help Kaitlin with the new baby and to play with the kiddos. Three months......that's what the doctor said is the recovery time for this type of break.
I quizzed all my kids and none of them will admit to stepping on a crack.

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