Friday, September 21, 2012

It Happened Like This

August 10th
I bought the cutest little red Nikon camera. One that would just slip in my pocket and I could carry with me every where. Too many fun and amazing things happening in August not to get great photos. So we have enjoyed the Reunion and a visit with Katie now we are on the road to Denver through the Rocky Mountains. One breathtaking vista after another.
I stopped at this gas station for a potty break. Only one bathroom. A young man comes out of the bathroom and as I enter I see that I will have to put the seat down. I reached up to lower the seat. My watch catches on the camera strap hanging out of my pants pocket and splash the camera lands in the toilet bowl.

Unbelievably beautiful vistas in every direction. I am so heart sick at this point because I have a brand new grand-baby in Denver waiting for multiple photo ops.

Miracle of miracles. The camera completely cleared up after about two days. Such a tender mercy.

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