Friday, September 28, 2012

To the Zooooooo, how about you?

August 15th
Cristin and I took Jacob and Addison to the Denver Zoo.
We took the double stroller and the kids did great.
Then Jacob decided he wanted to get out and walk around. I thought since they had been so good so far that this was a great idea. Well when Jacob got out of the stroller then Addison wanted out too. No problem until we realized that Addison didn't want to walk around she just wanted to stand there. Her little stubborn streak showing through. Cristin and Jacob wandered off and I stayed with Addison. I watched the Mountain Goat and Addison cleaned the park bench. Then when she was ready she climbed into the stroller and away we went.

When Addison saw the Carousel I had to keep her from crawling right over the fence she wanted to ride so bad and I have never seen a greater look of disappointment when the ride was over.
We had a picnic lunch on the grass.

It was so much fun and everybody was tired by the time we got through.

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