Sunday, February 17, 2013

Justin's Homecoming

It doesn't matter what time the kids go to bed they get up before the sun. Nathan looked out the front door and saw this beautiful sunrise and wanted me to get a picture of it.
With Mom and Dad in Albuquerque they crawl into my bed in the morning. Very sweet and satisfying.

We made this banner yesterday to welcome home Justin, Dad and Mom. Emily did the embellishments on the Welcome sign and Nathan and Julia drew a picture of a parade with giant Justin balloons complete with belly button and diaper.

Just after 7pm they rang the doorbell and the house went wild.
They took turns holding their new brother. Julia first...

Then Nathan..

and finally Emily.

There was quite a crowd to watch his first diaper change and his first bottle at home.

It is absolutely wonderful to have the family together again. A sweet couple brought in dinner tonight.


  1. So happy and cute! Emily doesn't look like she's quite sure about him. Time to be dethroned. Lol. Valerie's day is shortly coming. Glad everything is going well. XOXO