Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NICU duty

I look a little tire in this photo and Justin has a look on his face like, 'Who is this person holding me?' This was the two of us on Monday.

I was so exhausted Monday I went to bed at 8pm mst (10pm eastern). Needless to say I woke up at 4 in the morning. I had planned to go to the Temple so I attended the 6:30am session. It was the sister who was from witness couple and me as the only sisters with about 10 brethren. I did the endowment for Mary Arunia F Noonia Higgenbotham from Alabama birthdate 30 Aug 1855. We had a lovely session.
The nurses in the NICU are awesome. This is Robin she was Justin's primary nurse. She has 35 years of experience with Neonatal. Yesterday we had Samantha who is just starting as a NICU nurse and Jessica was Sunday. They all had met Kaitlin and had fallen in love with her. 

After Justin's 2:30 feeding I drove up to Farmington. Kaitlin will go back down to Alb in the morning.
I get to hang out with these cute munchkins for the next few days.

The hope is that Justin will get to come home on Friday.


  1. So glad I finally figured out how to get to this blog. So happy foryou all.Mom Capener

  2. you all are delightful especially JUSTIN GG