Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nathan's Birthday

Nathan, Julia and a couple of Nathan's friends went to the movie with Joe. 
They saw 'Escape from Earth'.
Angry Bird theme cake. One of G-Ju's creations
Justin decided to join us for the present opening. See his oxygen tank tucked under G-Ju.

Wonder Mom.
Dad and Nathan transforming a car into a Autobot.

I put a few squeenkies (little bitty rubber toys) in some of the balloons. Julia had fun trying to pop those.

Playmobil from Papa and G-Ju, what a surprise.
He got lots of Transformers, a new bike, scooter, Clone Wars DVD, a beta fish, light brite lego car and an Angy Bird's Star Wars Coloring book.

Big six years old today.

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  1. Happy Birthday Nathan! I guess it came and went and I didn't even think once about it being the anniversary of my Dad's death (not to put a damper on things). But that's good! Better to celebrate the living than mourn the dead, right?